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Decorative paint with Thousands of particles in the paint sparkle and glitter in the light to create a spectacular visual effect on the surface.

Mystic is perfect for both modern and classic interiors.

It will completely change the look of rooms.

The product is available in a palette of ready made colours or can we used to Primacol Colourant to create any colour possible.




The area to be painted should be smooth, clean, dry and uniform. Fresh plaster can be painted after a four-week seasoning. Remove peeling or flaking paint.

Older painted area’s should be cleaned before application, with water (and detergent if needed). Fill cavities with filler.

It is recommended to prime or paint any high absorbing materials (like fresh plasterboard).

How to Apply

Open the container and stir the contents thoroughly.

Do NOT use an electric mixer. 

Apply the product with a soft-haired flat brush. 

Make crosswise moves. 

While applying the paint, you can gently smooth the surface with the brush to move excessive paint so that the effect is as regular as possible. (Note: This is a quick-drying product). 

Apply another layer, if necessary, after the surface has dried (approx. 3 hours), Using the same application method. 

As a result, shading will be less distinct and the effect will be more uniform.

The Boring Stuff

The coverage area:  Approx 12-14m² (depending on desired final effect)

Tools required:  Primacol Application Brush (Mottler Brush) 

Dry to Touch:  1-2 hours

Total Dry time:  12 hours

Capacity:  1L

Due to limitations of printing technology, the presented colour should be considered as approximate only. Any deviation shall not be the reason for any customer complaint. Request a pattern book with accurate colours from your us or drop by to our showroom in Dublin. Always make a spot test before painting to become familiar with the paint application method. For larger areas, use products from the same batch.

Important! Plan your work properly to use up the prepared paint as soon as possible but within 24 hours. Otherwise, it is very likely that the glittery effect will be less visible.

Painting must be performed at a room and substrate temperature > 5 °C

Painting must be performed at a room and substrate temperature > 5 °C. Avoid direct sunlight on the surface being painted.

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Sparkling Glitter Walls

BOLD Glitter Effect

Available in ready made colours, or match it to ANY colour you like

  • Step One

    Make sure you have a similar base coloured base coat (pink base for a pink glitter wall or a blue base for a blue glitter wall).

    Open the paint and stir contents, for about 10 minutes

  • Step Two

    Roll on like any other household paint or Make crosswise moves using an application brush

  • Step Three

    Allow to fully dry, if a second coat is needed. Just allow 3-4 hours

Decorative Paint for feature walls


Create a bold vibe with sparkles and glitter in one. Easily applied to give character to any room

Donna: "Looks cool in the kids play room. They love it. Easy to apply and no smell once I was finished. Got splashed with tea a few weeks later and wiped off easily, unlike regular paint would."

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