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Synthetic stucco is the highest quality product for decorative finishing of walls and ceilings, as well as fireplaces, columns and other architectural elements.

It is commonly known as 'marble walls', Stucco or Venetian Plastering. 

It allows you to obtain unique effects with optical color depth and smoothness of the surface characteristic of marble. A perfectly smooth surface causes light reflection.

Ideal for kitchens, swimming pools, bathrooms and other rooms exposed to moisture. Or any other indoor room. The product is intended for indoor use.

Synthetic stucco creates an elastic coating that can be easily smoothed with a trowel edge creating a perfectly smooth surface.

The product is recommended for use by professionals, but in the last 5 years it has been commonly used by the DIY enthusiastic. This is due to the fact that it is recommended to use professional stucco tools, e.g. Venetian trowel 

Stucco Synthetic is sold as in 4KG tubs. Each tub covers 6 meters squared 

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    Transfrom most Primacol products with Colourant. This is a highly concentrated paint dye which allows your imagine and colour choice to run wild

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Interior Designer Grade 

Professional paint range

Simple to use 

Create stunning 3D effects

Transform walls with elegance

Be subtle or GO BOLD

Exclusive Style

Praimacol Decorative is a well known brand around Europe. It features in some of the most exclusive locations around the globe and is highly recommended by most interior designers.